Sleep Apnea/TMJ Disorder

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Have you been told that you snore overnight? Do you wake up taking full night sleep and still feel tired? If yes, we are here for you. At Coral Dentistry, our practice is focused on providing help to the people suffering from sleep apnea and TMJ in Brampton.

To a great extent, these both problems are connected to your oral health. So, if you are sure that you have sleep apnea or TMJ, it is better to consult a professional. The signs of these health issues are:

Sleep Apnea

You have sleep apnea which is potentially a severe sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly starts and stop while you are sleeping. It signs by snoring which poses a significant health risk for the patient and leads to high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, strokes and heart attacks.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) is one of the reasons behind the headache. An incorrect bite, jaw joints and spasms from the muscles around the head and neck can cause headache. When you notice frequent headaches or jaw aches, you are suffering from TMJ.

Why Coral Dentistry?

Our professional dentists in Brampton can handle any problem, be it TMJ or sleeping disorders. At Coral Dentistry, we believe in rooting out the issue rather than providing temporary relief. We focus on addressing common jaw factors related to pain by restoring proper function and improving overall health.

Seeking Relief For TMJ Or Sleep Apnea? Call Us Today!

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